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Private ACT Math Tutor in Dallas. One-on-One tutoring.

I teach the Math ACT on a One-on-One basis. I pay special attention to my students’ individual needs and prep each student patiently and effectively. That way, my students learn the material and excel.

A good Math tutor will have mastery of the material. I am able to teach with ease. Over the years, I have developed numerous techniques to match the different learning styles of my students. So, I have the tools to make the material easier for you to grasp.

Do you find that you are not good in the math section of the ACT? That is a common problem among students. I will help you overcome this obstacle using some of my tried and true tutoring techniques. You will excel and score at your highest potential in the Math section after the private instruction you receive from me.

Helping others learn requires great communication skills. It requires the ability to identify the best approach to convey the material in a way that matches the individual needs of the learner. My approach is to first understand the way you work Math problems. I then tailor my One-on-One ACT tutoring to your individual needs. As a result, you will improve your abilities and score higher when taking the ACT.

One-on-One Tutoring

How It Helps You!

Tutoring is offered for the ACT Math Section.

During the first One-on-One session, I will sit with you and identify the areas that need to be improved immediately. Together we will formulate the lesson plans to more precisely incorporate your specific needs. Then, we will decide the time that needs to be spent in each specific area.

Based on your goals, to attend the school of your choice and your learning needs, we will arrive at the number of tutoring sessions per week taking into consideration scheduling that is convenient for you.

We (you and I) will select the subject first and review it together. We will go over the basic concepts of that topic, which could be ratio and proportion, or word problems or some other area. We will cover all the different model problems with all the possible twists and tricks. In one shot, you will see the various types of problems from simple to complex, and how to tackle them efficiently and effortlessly.

I will help you break those old bad habits of doing math in a traditional yet non-effective manner. I will help you see the problems in a much lighter and easier sense. I will assist you to learn to look at the problem mentally and break it down into small bits of problems; all this is done to conserve time. I will help you develop skills to compute complex math problems.


  • I will be with you every second as you solve problems.
  • I will observe your potential and habitual mistakes.
  • I will guide you to overcome these old habits.
  • I will oversee every step you take in tackling a problem and help you develop alternate skills to save time and to arrive at the correct answers.
  • Further, I will help you develop your own unique ways of remembering techniques.

As you progress in solving basic and intermediate level problems, I will continually increase the level of complexity and start doing advanced problems. At this point, you will be doing and solving the whole problem with ease: this saves a lot of labor and time.

As the final part of the tutoring, I will suggest ways to relax and be confident at tackling problems without anxiety. You will learn a number of time-saving tricks. Further, I will help you to unlearn past habits and overcome mental blocks. Lastly, I will make sure you enjoy your learning process.

I guarantee that you will develop strong problem-solving skills in math. You will begin to enjoy facing problems with joy, peace, and pleasure.

Lastly, I want you to know this. I enjoy the experience of doing problems with my students and derive happiness and satisfaction in seeing them achieve good results on competitive exams. And, I derive my utmost satisfaction when you have attained your targeted goal with my help.

To Explain Further about my Private ACT Tutoring:

There are many other things I will do to make the tutoring successful and there are many reasons to study with me and there are many steps you need to take to make your test prep a successful one.

I will give you one-on-one instruction. Students who take a class in a group may not get the individual attention they need to thrive academically because group teaching does not address your individual learning style. My one-on-one instruction will help you identify your weaknesses and concentrate on them.

Being shy is an issue for some students. If you are an introvert, you might be too shy to ask questions in a classroom for fear of attracting attention. Even if you have good questions to ask, you may find it difficult to ask your questions in a group setting. By tutoring one-on-one, you need not worry about asking any questions on the subject.

Some students just don’t learn well in the more rigid classroom environment. They need more flexibility. This is much more common that you think. By studying with me, you will have a more flexible environment that will encourage you to learn the ACT.

You will learn better and absorb material easily from my personal attention to you. My private tutoring will engage you more intensely with the material than in a group setting. This will help you focus on your weaknesses and the material that you struggle with.

Another important concern is self-esteem. You will increase your self-esteem and also do better in school through my private tutoring. Students who are tutored do markedly better on entrance tests. Some students show improvements within the first few sessions. By the end of my private tutoring, you will see significant results and better entrance exam scores.

My tutoring is done patiently. After all, you are hiring me to provide private instruction so that you can ask questions uninhibitedly. I will understand your weak areas and will tutor you at your level. There are tutors that teach at an advanced level which is not helpful if the student is at beginner knowledge level. I will teach you at the proper level, which is at your level of learning.

Reliability is an important factor to hire me. I will be available to you without interruption for the course of your tutoring. I will accommodate your schedule and teach you during your availability.

Communication is an key for a successful tutoring experience. I will have open communication with you and will give you constructive criticism regarding your progress. This will help you become better at the topics you are weak in. I will address all your concerns.

Every student has a different learning style. I will identify and tutor you accordingly. My requirement to tutor you is to have a session that is at least 2 hours long. This prepares you to take the ACT which is few hours long.

I enjoy math and I would love to tutor you. You will see my passion and I will transfer that passion and love of math to you as well.

To make the process a successful one, I will learn from you regarding what motivates you, what you like about school, how good your memory is, your feelings regarding tutoring and how to see taking a standardized test. I will take all these into consideration and will help you prepare and succeed in the math portion of the ACT.

General guidelines to hire me are to plan at least six months before the test. This will provide enough time if you need more tutoring than usual. Some students just don’t do well on standardized tests. They do well in school. However, they don’t do well and score at their potential on a standardized test. The most common reason is anxiety. By planning early, I will guide you how to overcome your anxiety and this might take some time.

My undergraduate degree is in Economics and I graduated with Honors from The University of Texas at Austin. This knowledge helps me guide you throughout the tutoring process. I have done well in my entrance tests and I even received a Full Scholarship to Cox Business School at SMU.


Math is a great subject. It is a universal language. In ancient times, Roman numerals were in use. Later Hindu numerals made their way into general usage with the help of Arabic scholars. These are more commonly known as Hindu-Arabic numerals (  This helped solve problems, such as interest, compound interest and other business related problems. Hence the transfer from Roman numbers to Hindu-Arabic numbers.

By learning math, you will be able to speak the universal language and show the admission officers that you can handle the math related activities in college. And, almost every degree requires you to complete at least general math requirements.

Math is all about patterns. It is identifying these patterns that makes it a great subject. It is used in every field of study. Without math, you would find it difficult to do common problems, such as even counting sheep because zero was a numeral that got added later. It is accepted universally. I will help you identify these patterns and help you become well-versed in ACT math and help you enjoy math.


Competition to get into a good college is fiercer than ever. Each year, thousands of students take the ACT, and many of them take a prep course with a group of other people. Though these prep courses can be valuable, they come at a heavy price. Many students have expressed that fact that they feel that learning with a group of people does not give them the individual attention they need. With my One-on-One ACT Prep Course, you will master the ACT Math section and score well as I will give you the personal attention you need every step of the way regarding the problems.

I will help you learn the techniques to overcome the Math section of the ACT. By scoring well in the Math section, you will help the Admissions Committee understand your strengths to overcome the math problems in your undergraduate program.

To score at your potential, contact me to schedule your tutoring sessions by calling me on my cell phone: 214-234-2700.